Zhjiang Fushida Electronic Machinery Co.,Ltd

  Locted at the beautiful seaside of the East Sea, Zhjiang Fushida Electronic Machinery Co.,Ltd enjoys an ideal location.Since its establishment in 1986,the company has been eng-aged in the design and manufactrring of conveying and automatic controlling equipment.After several years'development, the products of our company have been continuously

developed and innovated.Consequently, the automatic degree of the products has been improved unceasingl-y.Series of products such as conveying equipment, assembling line and storing machine come into being. The products of the cmpany are widely used in the industries l-ike automobile, motorcycle, electric bike, motor, household appliance, instrument and electronics. The con-veying system made by our company greatly improve the working efficiency.

  Our company also supplies assembly lines for the manufacturing of minicar, safety air bag, automobile lights and parts, gas engine, motorcycle, packing, shock absorber, air con-ditioner, washing machine, fridge, computer, color TV, disinfecting machine, microwave ove-n, etc. Adhering to the principle of "Based on human, technology first", boasting a st-rong team of designers and experienced employees, our company has supplied quality products and services to more than 800 enterprises such as Qianjiang, Lifan, Longxin, Jianshe,J-inan Mo-torcycle, Xiaxing, Zhejiang Yinlun, Jianghua Motor, South Sichuan Shock Absorber and JRD C-ompany in Malaysia. In recent years, our products have been exported to lran, Brazilm West Africa, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines,Voet Nam, Uru-guay and Uganda. It is one of the companies in China with the biggest quantity of assembly lines for export and win high praise from customers.

  Fushida Electronic Machinery Co.,LTD supplies you with quality products from designin-g, manufacturing, installing to debugging, transportation and maintenance as well as after-sale service.


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